How to build a Mountain
Graduation project
AKV| St. Joost
august 2019- july 2020

‘How to Build a Mountain’ is a photography project born out of my love for both the mountains and photography. Also will it be my first photography book. In this project I search the Sublime, I ask myself if this still exists, and I ask how photography has influenced our view of these sublime mountains. 

The project is a research on how our view of the mountains has changed as technical advancements changed photography. In short, I look at how both photography techniques and changes in society have influenced our view of the mountains, both in the present and past. I study the developments from the past, present, and future. Just imagine a future in which we don’t have to leave our homes, but just put on a pair of goggles to climb a mountain or admire its beauty. It will be an experience like never before!